Superintendent Lori Lytle's letter to Ben Logan staff


The events  in Sandy Hook Elementary last Friday brought a town to its knees and certainly make it hard to even imagine how they will pick up and go on.

As educators and employees who have devoted our lives to children, it is hard to even comprehend.

At Benjamin Logan, we need to do everything we can to continually reassess our own safety and security plans.

We are always looking for ways and ideas to make things better for students and staff.

We met with Sheriff Smith’s office this summer to review our plan and we implemented his suggestions in some areas.

I communicated with him today, as well.

Recent lock downs were successfully held in all buildings; they will be regularly repeated with some changes, as needed.

A heightened awareness of people signing in to our offices and of people around you is important... even in Benjamin Logan.

In age appropriate ways, talk to your students and let them know we do have procedures in place. Our campus is a safe school and a good place to be.

It is why we practice our fire and safety drills, lock our doors, check in visitors. It may be time to “step these things up,” just a little.

Please don’t give them “specifics” of lock down drills... just teach them to listen to you, take the drills seriously, and take care of each other.

Nothing more, however, could have stopped the tragedy that unfolded in Connecticut.

Many ideas and thoughts may come out of this unspeakable tragedy, but the memory of those children, the staff and their families should be the focus of the discussions.

Take care of each other...