Defensive line lives up to hype in the opener

Matt BuckeyeInsider

Ohio State’s group of defensive linemen received a boat load of praise in the off-season, with some pundits hyping the unit as the best in the country.

While it remains to be seen if the Buckeyes’ defensive front is worthy of that tag, the season-season opening win over Indiana showed off the massive amount of talent defensive line coach Larry Johnson has in his arsenal.

Johnson and Meyer vowed coming into the season to play a lot of bodies on the defensive line to keep everyone fresh, and they did exactly that against the Hoosiers. 

Facing a pass-happy offense that put the ball in the air 65 times, a steady rotation of linemen was able to wear down the Hoosiers.

“We played an inordinate amount of plays (on defense),” said Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer during his Monday press conference. “Pass rushing is so much more exhausting than playing run defense. Rushing a quarterback is one of the hardest things to do. To do that, I think they threw it 65 times. You’re blown out. Coach Johnson got a lot of players in there, kept them rotating ... I think the biggest thing we have as an advantage is there’s a rotation going. That makes us good against the run and the pass.”

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