Buckeye legends returning to the field?

Matt BuckeyeInsider

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer is always on the cutting edge when it comes to finding an edge. So, it came to his surprise during Monday’s weekly press conference when presented with a new practice idea he was not aware of.

Lori Schmidt of 97.1 The Fan in Columbus asked Meyer if he would consider using former players who are now out of the NFL as practice players. The topic is gaining steam after it was revealed last week that Alabama has used former running back Trent Richardson on its scout team.

Confused by the question, Meyer asked Schmidt to repeat it. He then answered that he did not realize the NCAA allows former players to return to their institution and participate in practice.

He then joked that he was going to think about it, and even pulled out his cell phone as if he already had a few names in mind that he would like to call upon.

While it is unlikely the Buckeyes will follow Alabama’s lead, it is intriguing to think about the possibilities. Here are some of the most popular candidates assuming they would be interested in committing themselves to the punishment of a practice squad player.

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