Big 10 doesn’t need Friday night football

Matt BuckeyeInsider

In the Midwest, high school football is king on Friday nights. That is the way it has been and I believe that is the way it should always be.

I was dumbfounded by the announcement Wednesday by the Big 10 that it plans to play six Friday night games per season starting next year.

I know the college sports landscape is changing and that money and television exposure impact the decision making. But I don’t see how this makes any sense for a power conference like the Big 10.

College football during the week should be reserved for the mid-major type programs that don’t get a lot of television opportunities on Saturdays. The Mid-American Conference now plays games on week nights and that has provided some valuable exposure for schools that don’t typically get a lot of national TV time.

But with the amount of games that the Big 10 gets on ABC, ESPN and on their own Big 10 Network, the conference is not in need of finding gimmicks to get on TV.

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