Seniors hold a special place for Meyer

Matt BuckeyeInsider

Urban Meyer knew the demanding style he brought in four years ago at Ohio State would not be for everybody. 

“We called it blind faith from the day we walked through the door, because (the existing players in the program) probably couldn’t stand us compared to the previous staff,” said Meyer on Monday. “It was an excellent staff, it’s just we were so much different. But (the current seniors) stuck it out, stuck it out. Some guys didn’t stick it out. Some guys decided to move on and go about their own journey. So my first thing is to think about (the guys that stayed) and what it’s going to be like to put your arm around them in the stadium.”

It is obvious Meyer has a great respect for his seniors, who will be honored prior to Saturday’s game against Michigan State in what will be their final appearance in the Horseshoe. 

The senior class has been the backbone of a Buckeye program riding a 23-game winning streak and 30-game Big 10 winning streak.

“Senior Day is always a tough day, especially for the guys that are really invested,” said Meyer this week. “And you look at some of these guys, from the fifth-year guys like Joel (Hale), Braxton (Miller), Chase Farris, Nick Vannett, Bryce Haynes. 

“They are all wonderful people, and then your fourth-year guys. Armani Reeves who is not playing, but still very involved. Warren Ball, Cam Williams, a real soldier for us and Tommy Schutt turned out to be a great kid for us. Adolphus Washington, Jacoby Boren, Taylor Decker, and obviously Josh Perry. An incredible group of people.”


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