Meyer gets it right in handling of Barrett situation

Matt BuckeyeInsider

Urban Meyer is going to get criticized no matter what he does. That is what happens when someone has as much success as Meyer has enjoyed. 

It was not surprising to see some critical comments from the national media last weekend when Meyer chose to suspend quarterback J.T. Barrett for one game following Barrett’s arrest for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

There were some who felt Barrett deserved more punishment. However, I believe Meyer handled the situation as well as can be expected.

First, he acted quickly. The incident happened in the early morning hours Saturday, and by noon it was announced that he had already been suspended.

What many coaches like to do in legal matters is give statements like “we are going to let the legal process work and then we will act accordingly.” What that does is give the coach an out if a charge is later dismissed or downgraded. 

There is a chance Barrett’s OVI charge could be changed down the line, but Meyer made a firm stand by not letting the situation drag out before he came up with the punishment.

For those that feel one game is too light, school policy actually states that as a first-time offender, Barrett was not subject to suspension. But Meyer took it upon himself to sit Barrett for Saturday’s game against Minnesota.

“We educate non-stop about domestic (violence), about alcohol, about drugs,” said Meyer on Monday. “It’s out there. I go right to the administration, because I want to find out, make sure we’re doing it right by the university first and then team second. Because obviously, there’s been some horrible things happen with drunk driving.”


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