Defensive resurgence a point of pride for Meyer

Matt BuckeyeInsider

There have not been may lows for Urban Meyer at Ohio State, but one stands out vividly in his mind.

On a Saturday night in 2012, Meyer’s first year coaching the Buckeyes, he watched as his defense was lit up for 49 points against Indiana in Bloomington.

The Buckeyes won the game, using their own explosive offense to put up 52 points. However, the defensive performance left a very bitter taste with Meyer.

“Oh, that was one of the few times I’ve ever seen a defense quit playing hard, and that was a problem,” said Meyer this week as his team prepares to return to Bloomington on Saturday to face a Hoosiers team off to a 4-0 start. “That was a program changer. Mistakes are one thing, but when I saw what I saw that night, that was not a good moment.

“I remember it very well. I think we were up by three or four scores and they just came back, recovered an onside kick. So that was a game changer as far as how our approach. If you don’t play hard, you’re not going to play.”

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