Depth puts Buckeyes at an elite level

Matt BuckeyeInsider

If there is one trait that makes for a perennial power in college football it is depth.

What makes the elite teams elite is that they can overcome injuries and graduation losses by continuing to roll out talented players without missing a beat.

The top programs in college football, like Alabama, Ohio State and Oregon among others, have the luxury of developing their young players so that when it is their time to see the field, they excel. 

At Ohio State, Urban Meyer has assembled a roster loaded with talent. Because of that, he doesn’t have to rely on true freshmen like a lot of other programs in the Big 10 have to do.

The Buckeyes had the best recruiting class in the Big 10 and one of the top in the country last February, but to date, only three of those players have been used and all three have played in backup roles.

Meyer gushed about his freshmen during Monday’s weekly meeting with the media. His comments, though, revealed the internal conflict of wanting his young guys to play but not needing them to.

“You wish you could get them in faster,” said Meyer. “Nick Conner is so close and so is Antonio (Baker). Justin Hilliard has had a good week. Offensive line, Isaiah (Prince) got in. I’d say the next one, Mike Weber, should be coming back this week. He’ll be a guy that will probably play.

“You wish those guys could play more, but right now we’ve got a little bit of depth.”

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