BUCKEYE BUZZ: Being in booth helps Herman stick with game plan

matt hammond

Why do some assistant coaches do their work on the sidelines and why do others coach via a headset from a perch above the field?

A lot of times, it comes down to personal preference. Some coaches do not like being in the booth because they feel like they lose touch with what is happening on the field.

However, the view from the press box can give a better look to how plays are unfolding. It gives coaches the same vantage point they have while watching film. Offensive and defensive coordinators usually prefer to coach from the booth for that reason.

Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman also likes having the ability to process his thoughts in the quiet and controlled confines of the press box without getting sucked into the emotions of being on the sidelines.

“I tip my hat to the guys that call plays from the sidelines,” said Herman on Monday during Urban Meyer’s weekly press conference. “I just find the sterility of the press box allows you not to get caught up in the emotion and allows you not to get caught up in how big the moment is.”

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