Meyer, Buckeyes turn focus to UCF


The ultimate example of a coach who is never satisfied, Urban Meyer did not speak with a lot of warm and fuzzies Monday at his weekly press conference, despite his team’s 56-10 season-opening win over Miami.

“We’ve got to coach better, and we’ve got to adjust a little better, and the players have to adjust, too,” said Meyer as he reflected on Saturday’s blowout victory.

Meyer did offer praise to a number of players, but also pointed out numerous deficiencies he saw. He singled out two dropped passes by Zach Boren and Evan Spencer and also spoke about mistakes made by quarterback Braxton Miller, who surpassed 100 yards rushing and 200 yards passing for the second time in his career.

“I can’t stand first games because (there are questions like) are we going to the golf course? What shoes do we wear? Can I wear this? What about a visor, what about my parents’ tickets?, instead of getting locked in on the game,” said the Buckeyes’ head coach. “And also with a new bunch of coaches, there are some, I don’t want to say issues because there were no issues, but some growing pains as a staff that we have to get fixed.

“At the end of the day I’m pleased with what happened. I’m pleased we got thrown around a little bit and were actually losing in our home stadium in the first quarter. I didn’t like it at the time, but I think everybody got kind of hit in the face a little bit and responded well.”

The Buckeyes’ focus is now on Saturday’s game against the Knights of Central Florida at noon in Ohio Stadium.

Like OSU, UCF enjoyed a rout in its opener. The Knights whipped Akron 56-14 on Thursday.

UCF is led by former Georgia Tech coach George O’Leary.

“We have a whole different animal coming in here this week,” said Meyer. “I know this team, I know this coach, I know this coaching staff and we have great respect for everything they’ve done. They’ve led the defense in their conference the last three years. They have very good players, 300-pound plus defensive tackles, two athletic defensive ends, it’s what you’d imagine out of Central Florida.”

Senior defensive lineman John Simon echoed his coach’s comments.

“They are a very good football team,” said Simon of the Knights. “They are great at running the ball, great at passing the ball. They are a very physical team, so we have our hands full and we have to prepare all weeklong so we leave nothing to chance on Saturday.”