BUCKEYE BUZZ: Meyer has no plans to mess with Buckeye traditions


While new head coach Urban Meyer is giving the Buckeyes a makeover on the field, he has no plans to mess with the program’s long standing traditions off of it.

When asked this week if he planned to continue putting Buckeye leaves on the OSU helmets as a reward system for the players, Meyer immediately answered yes.

After a couple of seconds, he then asked rhetorically, “Could you imagine (if we didn’t?). I would need security everywhere.”

According to the OSU Web site, the Buckeye leaves were first placed on football helmets in 1967 and have been there ever since.

They will remain there for at least as long as Meyer is leading the Buckeyes.

“The Buckeye leaves are a huge deal for me,” said Meyer. “That will be one of the biggest inspirational and pride reward systems we have.”

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