Can Ohio State upset the Wolverines?

Matt BuckeyeBuzz

This is what it is going to take

It is an unfamiliar feeling for Ohio State fans entering this year’s edition of The Game.

The Buckeyes have thoroughly dominated their hated neighbors to the north in the recent history of the rivalry. Ohio State has won the last six in the series and the last 13 of 14 overall.

In many of the matchups over the last 14 years, the answer going into the game wasn’t if Ohio State was going to win, it was by how many points the Buckeyes would win by.

But the confidence levels have taken a dramaticturn this season.

Ohio State came into the 2018 campaign labeled a legitimate national title contender. But the script has not gone as expected. Starting with Urban Meyer’s suspension for fall camp and the first three games of the season for his handling of former assistant coach Zach Smith, it has been a bumpy ride for the Buckeyes.

Yes, they have only lost once and can still win a Big 10 championship, but it has been a season full of inconsistent play. Despite a roster loaded with four and five star recruits, the defense has been porous.

The offense has put up a lot of points led by quarterback Dwayne Haskins, but the offensive line has not been able to block well on a consistent basis and the ground game has been non-existent at times.

As unimpressive as the Buckeyes have been, Michigan has been the opposite.

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