Meyer’s health concerns becoming a hot topic

Matt BuckeyeBuzz

After surviving an investigation into his handling of troubled former assistant coach Zach Smith, Urban Meyer now has to fend off questions about his health.

Health concerns have followed Meyer since he left Florida in 2010. Meyer had to take a leave of absence during the 2009 season because of chest pains and then eventually stepped down for good a year later.

His health had not been much of a talking point during his seven years in Columbus, but it is getting heavy attention now.

In a game against Indiana on Oct. 6, Meyer had to go to a knee at one point in the second half. A television sideline reporter initially said the OSU head coach collided with someone, but Meyer said after the game it was because of a headache. 

In the weeks since, Meyer has fielded ongoing questions about his health problems. ESPN analyst and former Buckeye Kirk Herbstreit has described Meyer as looking “anguished” on the sidelines and others are predicting this will be the last year for Meyer at Ohio State. 

The questions came again during his Monday press conference.

“I appreciate (the concern from fans) and I’m fine, he said. “I want Ohio State to be successful in the worst way. We are working extremely hard to make sure that’s happening. I love Ohio State, I love our players ... I don’t want people to worry about me. I want to make sure we’re getting some things right around here, and that is what the effort is. That is 100 percent of what my focus is on.” 

He also said that he plans to be back on the OSU sideline next season.

While he didn’t appear to be comfortable talking about the subject Monday, he apparently felt like there was more to discuss, as he brought together a group of reporters Tuesday to further address his health. 

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