Meyer says program won't tolerate leaks

COLUMBUS — Urban Meyer on Tuesday said that football program employees who leak information to the media will be fired immediately.

The Ohio State head coach was asked about Buckeyes linebacker Dante Booker, whom 247Sports reported Friday likely would transfer from OSU after he graduates this spring, citing a confidential source.

Meyer refuted the report, saying Booker “plans on being a Buckeye” and denying that a transfer was imminent.

He also told the assembled media that he will terminate someone if he finds out he or she is giving information to the press without authorization.

“Let me say this quickly about sources: if there’s a source you’re going to, realize it’s immediate termination from our program,” Meyer said. “So when you work hard to get sources, we ask you to not talk to our players, and I understand everybody’s got jobs to do. I do too.”

After 247 published its report, Meyer said Booker’s mother called him and asked what was going on, and Meyer said he initially did not understand what she was asking.

“When I hear things like that and a mom calls me darn near in tears, saying, ‘Where is that coming from?’” Meyer said. “First of all, what’s what, coming from where? Then someone gave it to me and I said, ‘Where was this?’”

Meyer said he met with Booker, whom he said is in “very difficult situation” after a second shoulder surgery last month.

Regarding leaks, Meyer said he will be monitoring carefully

to make sure they do not happen in the future.

Meyer, who is heading into his seventh season as Ohio State’s coach, indicated his program will not tolerate leaking information.

“It’s instant termination if I hear that’s going on,” Meyer said “... When I first got here, it was ridiculous what was going on. I’d have a team meeting and two minutes later it would be out and about.

“I’m watching that closely.”