Youth soccer league probing slurs, choking of girl by adult

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A New Mexico youth soccer league is investigating reported racial slurs and an assault on a girl by an adult during a game.

The Duke City League said Tuesday it's looking into allegations that a white man choked and groped a 14-year-old Hispanic female player following a match Saturday in Bernalillo, New Mexico.

Ana Garcia, coach of Alameda, a largely Latina under 19 team, says a parent from the opposing team Rio Galaxy ran onto the field, grabbed an Alameda player and chocked her after a players' brawl broke out. She says throughout the match Rio Galaxy supporter shouted anti-Mexican epithets.

But Rio Galaxy coach Steve Kokulis says his players also reported hearing anti-white slurs. Kokulis says he did not see any parent physically attacking a player.

The league suspended both teams for a game.