The hits keep coming

matt examiningsports

Last week I wrote in this space about the sexist remarks Carolina quarterback Cam Newton made to a female reporter.

The NFL had little time to recover from that mess before being thrust into another ugly situation this week.

A video surfaced late Sunday of Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Chris Foerster snorting a white substance off of a table. Foerster apparently made the video to impress a woman he had been seeing and boasted that he was about to head into a team meeting.

Before the NFL or the Dolphins could punish Foerster, he resigned Monday morning. 

The NFL has its hands full with declining ratings, disputes over acts of protest and ongoing questions on the long-term impact of football on a player’s mental health.

Now, it looks like it has another issue to address. The league’s players are subjected to drug testing. In light of the Foerster scandal, is it time to start drug testing coaches as well? It is a question that the league must serious consider to avoid more potential embarrassment in the future.

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