Irving’s interview provides more questions than answers

matt examiningsports

When I saw that Kyrie Irving was going to be on ESPN’s First Take talk show earlier this week, I was looking forward to finally being able to hear his reasoning on why he wanted to get out of Cleveland.

But Irving’s appearance did nothing to clear up the situation. In what was a bizarre 20 minutes or so, Irving often got defensive as he talked around questions from the co-hosts, Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith. He denied a beef with LeBron James, at one point telling Kellerman to “leave it alone.”

It was later revealed that Irving asked to come on the show. It was evident he wanted to fire back at some of the criticism launched at him, but he only opened himself up to more in the way he dodged legitimate questions. He often used phrases like “I did what’s best for me” but did not elaborate on how going to Boston is better for him.

He used the stage to attack Kellerman for Kellerman’s previous comments that Irving is a one-dimensional player and that Irving was tired of playing “second banana” to James. Kellerman is paid to offer his opinion. It was a bad look for Irving to go after him in the manner he did.

Smith asked Irving why he didn’t talk with James before going to Cavs’ management to request a trade and Irving smugly shot back with, “Why should I?”

It was amusing that Irving wanted to “clear the air” but all he did was add more speculation to why he demanded a trade.

The intrigue will be thick when the Cavaliers and Celtics open the season against each other Oct. 17. I know that I will be watching.

Now, on to some football picks:

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