Local tumblers compete at Miamisburg



A total of 19 members from Gloria’s tumbling and trampoline team competed at the Miamisburg Invitational on Saturday. There were 16 teams with nearly 250 competitors from Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky.

Because of computer issues not all placers were available. Results are listed below in order of tumbling, double-mini trampoline and trampoline, with the competitor’s age in parenthesis: 

Kaleigha Alig (5) first, third fourth; Ella Beelman (13) fourth, second, second; Mileigh Carroll (6) second, second, second; Rileigh Carroll. (8) first, first, first; Madison Davis (8) fifth, third, third; Victoria Douthwaite (10) fifth, fifth, fourth; Kaeleigh Flora (11) eighth, NA, NA; Aleah France (10) third, fifth, third; Cara France (9) sixth, NA, eighth; Shayna Hurst (12) second, third, second; Jayden Kossel (14) fourth, second, third; Kolten Manahan (11) first, first, NA; Allison Moore (13) fifth, sixth, seventh; Kaitlynn Pierce (10) fifth, seventh, sixth; Marley Snoke (7) first, third, first; Jillian Ullom (9) fourth, NA, NA; Kelsi Ullom (13) first, sixth, sixth; Emily Williams (12) first, fourth, fourth; Aliza Wilson (11) fifth, seventh, third.