The dual remains important to sport of wrestling

Aaron HittingTheMat

In order for any sport to grow and be successful it has to be fan friendly. In less popular sports like wrestling, this is especially important.

While sports like basketball have a shorter time frame, wrestling tournaments can last all day, and even in excess of six hours on occasion. That is not conducive to the casual fan.

That makes the dual meet critical in wrestling. One team versus another, one weight class at a time. Everyone can follow that system and can keep track of the team score. Most dual meets are wrestled under an hour’s time.

We’ve seen a fair amount of duals and tri-meets around Logan County the past few weeks.

Bellefontaine and West Liberty- Salem had a program dual back in December. It included the youth clubs, middle school and high school squads from each community squaring off.

When you get everyone involved like that on a single night, it helps grow the sport. It’s about the experience. The kids enjoy it more because more fans are in the stands and adults enjoy it more because it is easier to follow.

That is why the Ohio High School Athletic Association introduced the team state duals a few years ago. The idea was to help grow the sport and its fan base.

It is best to approach it on a local level. You can’t worry about how dual meets are doing in Columbus or Dayton. Here in Logan County our wrestling community has always been strong. Fans from rival schools will go across the county just to see a dual meet.

If we as a community can continue to do that, then wrestling in this area will continue to thrive.

 Bellefontaine back on the mat at Miamisburg

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