It’s not time to panic for Tribe

matt examiningsports

A second straight early playoff exit has many Indians fans clamoring for major changes.

But I don’t think it is time to clean house.

Yes, the crash ending to the season was painful. It was painful to see a bullpen that was once considered a franchise strength crumble into a weakness.

It was painful as well to see the Indians’ offense sputter at the finish line for the second consecutive season.

Jose Ramirez, who looked like an MVP favorite in July, had trouble just making contact down the stretch, embodying a listless hitting performance by the Tribe.

However, everything is not completely broken. I like Terry Francona, and I think he’s the right man to lead the Indians. I do think Francona and the Indians management team can make some adjustments to their baseball philosophies.

In a story this week on The Athletic web site, writer Jason Lloyd quoted an anonymous Indians player who believed the Astros “were far better prepared.”

The Astros are one of the many teams that have embraced the world of analytics, which relies on collecting large amounts of data to make baseball decisions. The Indians have been slow to that party. After being outclassed in the sweep to Houston, it may be time for the Tribe to jump aboard the analytics train.

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