Drugs, lack of funding for sheriff’s office threatening safety

Residents of Logan County, are you aware of the severity of our drug problem?

Our officers are coming in contact with the drugs. Not having enough manpower to take charge of the situation.

Logan County used 49 doses of Narcan in 2016 and as of June 30 this year 69 doses have been used, with 15 deaths.

  • Written by Nell St. Clair, Retired Logan County employee

Government should not tax health care

NinoVitale head


A small few have criticized my decision to vote against raising the Health Insuring Corporation tax. Here is the backstory. The federal government decided to control and usurp states’ rights once again by determining that Ohio could no longer have a Medicaid Care Organization tax. This MCO tax began when Obamacare and Medicaid expansion were put in place some seven years ago. Many in government have gotten used to using this MCO tax to fund local programs.

  • Written by Rep. Nino Vitale

Help protect your postal carrier from dog attacks

In April, the United States Postal Service promoted National Dog Bite Prevention Week.    I am writing to ask our customers to extend their efforts and help make this “National Dog Bite Prevention Year.”

Pet owners’ efforts are critical when you consider the number of Postal Service employees attacked by dogs last year reached 6,755 — more than 200 higher than the year before. Within Logan County there have been dog attacks since the beginning of the year.

My concern is not only for our employees, but with the general population as well. Here are three critical points to remember:

  • Written by Steven Dunton, Bellefontaine Postmaster

Remembering Jodi and Randy

One of my sons sent me a link this winter to an NPR documentary series about poverty. One of the installments mentioned the story of Randy and Jodi Speidel of Bellefontaine and he wondered what we remembered. To my deep dismay, I remembered nothing.

  • Written by Russ Miller, Bellefontaine