Drugs, lack of funding for sheriff’s office threatening safety

Residents of Logan County, are you aware of the severity of our drug problem?

Our officers are coming in contact with the drugs. Not having enough manpower to take charge of the situation.

Logan County used 49 doses of Narcan in 2016 and as of June 30 this year 69 doses have been used, with 15 deaths.

Looking at calls for service and the Narcan usage do you think it will get any better?

Sheriff Dodds is asking the commissioners for extra money due to their overload. He is under staffed on the road, jail and JDC.

The sheriff’s office has not recovered from the 2008 layoffs when it comes to manpower and budget.

Our county commissioners are not willing to help with this situation.

Shelby County commissioners are proactive. They have approved a building for transition housing for discharged inmates, and a body scanner which is very important when booking a drug offender.


Logan 45,858 48,113 13
Champaign 39,6503 Unable to provide 3
Hardin 32,054 5,090 10
Union 52,300 18,549 7
Shelby 49,423 26,878 10

According to the Logan County auditor there is money to help the sheriff’s office.

I have worked with these people for many years. They are hardworking dedicated people, who make from $2 to $3 an hour less than the Bellefontaine Police Department.

The commissioners have given NK Parts and Midwest Express a 10-year tax abatement. Will there be enough drug-free people to hire?

Why are the commissioners spending all the money on the courthouse and not willing to help with the drug problem?

If the drug situation continues to increase, will people want to come visit our courthouse and our beautiful county?

I would think the commissioners would do all that is possible to fight this problem. It is not only affecting our sheriff, but other county agencies.

In viewing the situation, the courthouse is more important to our commissioners. Our law enforcement officers are much more at risk when answering a drug situation. The courthouse is just a building; how do you compare that to a life?

Commissioners, are you concerned about our drug problem? I have not seen any of you at the C.0.R.E. meetings. Are you thinking this drug problem will just go away?

We can’t just sit back and let the drugs take over our county.

Lord, keep your hand on all our first responders.

Nell St. Clair

Retired Logan County employee