Doors of EnCOURAGEment opening again

It’s that time again. We are gearing up for another great “Doors” event and we need your help.    You know the excitement that the display brings downtown. You know that it’s about more than painting a door. You know the love, the care, the talent and time that is shared to create each work of art. Hopefully, you know that every penny raised stays in Logan County and directly benefits our friends and neighbors while going through cancer treatment. Every. Single. Penny.

But do you know how people benefit? Do you know that a person with a cancer diagnosis is eligible for up to $750 per month for fuel expenses to treatment and medical appointments? Do you know that they are eligible for up to $200 per month for medical supply reimbursement? Do you know that they are eligible for a wig value up to $300 annually? Did you know that there is also a fund for emergency expenses available to cancer patients?

Your support of the Doors of EnCOURAGEment event helps to make this assistance possible. 

Every thing will remain the same as in the past. We provide the doors, the weights, the bases and the manpower to set up the display. You provide the time, talent, heart and love that goes into creating an amazing door. All we ask is that the door you create be positive, respectful of the cause (but does not have to be cancer related), finished on both sides and sealed for the weather. Participation donation is $200 per door (checks payable to the Logan County Cancer Society.)

Doors are available now. Get a group of friends together. Celebrate the upcoming holidays by helping others through this fun event. You may surprise yourself with your artistic ability when it is for such a wonderful cause.

If you would like to support the event but are unable to create a door, I have some very willing artists, individuals, classes, organizations and clubs that are generously volunteering their time and talent to do so. I will be happy to get you together or take care of finding artists for you. Sponsors, as well as artists, are recognized on their respective doors during the entire display. 

The doors will need to be returned to us by March 24. The display will ‘officially’ begin March 27. The public auction will be Thursday, April 26 at the Logan County Fairgrounds, with the display being removed from downtown on Sunday, April 23.

Please message me with any questions. I will help however I can.

Thank you for your help in making this another amazing year.

Melody Couchman