Vets to D.C. trip appreciated

I was honored to go to Washington, D.C., last weekend with Logan County area vets to D.C., those who fought our country’s wars and defended our freedom over several generations, especially the World War II vets. They fought the war, they won the war, then came home and built this country and gave us all a good life in America.

Thank you to the Logan County community and all those who made it possible for our trip, our leaders Scott Stewart and Col. Mike Bennett and the many volunteers who went with us and others who did so much behind the scenes in so many ways.

It was great to get letters from lots of kids from schools all over the county and elsewhere who thanked us for serving so they could have a better life.

We live in a country like no other, the greatest in the world. I was proud to serve the country I love. I’ve had a good life and want my children and grandchildren to have it good also.

Ken Green, Marine Veteran, Kenton