What does our flag mean ... to you?

Unfortunately not what it should, based on the lack of respect that it is shown on almost a daily basis. Look around you and count the number of ways it is incorrectly displayed. It is especially evident on national holidays, with the lack of respect shown to our national standard when it passes by in a parade. People don’t stand and uncover their heads, they remain seated paying scant attention to what is going on around them.

In most cases it isn’t that they don’t care, they don’t know how to care. Last year during the Memorial Day Parade here in Bellefontaine, at the intersection of Sandusky Avenue and Hayes Street, a six-year-old  little boy saluted as the flag passed by. There was the son of a parent who cared and taught their son. So much of the time that is all that it takes, our children want to know how to show their respect for our national color. At least one school system here in Logan County has asked to be allowed to say the Pledge of Allegiance everyday in school, not the once-a-week as they do now. The school administration responded “it took too much time.” It takes less than 20 seconds to repeat those words that more than a  million American men and women have died for in our country’s short history,

It isn’t hard to learn the proper way to show respect for our flag, there are many publications dedicated to that purpose. Go to your library, VFW Post, American Legion Post, Boy Scout, Girl Scout Troop or online to learn.

Russell S. Strayer, Bellefontaine

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