Intentional acts of caring in everyday life

These past several years we have all witnessed the rise of acts of evil perpetrated by people against others all over the world and in our country. It seems that we have come to expect “man’s inhumanity to man,” and we say “that’s just the way the world is today. We just have to accept it.”

I would like to enable you to see through a microscope into our “mini-world” here in the Bellefontaine and Indian Lake communities that I frequent. So many people here are living life with their eyes open, looking for the needs of others. I have heard these acts called “random acts of kindness,” but if they are “random” are they accidental and can they become just infrequent acts? I would rather like to think of what I am seeing as “intentional acts of caring.” You cannot only see the act, but sense the heart that has motivated it.

Let me give you some examples from my experiences:

1. At Wal-mart — The ordinary women, men and young shoppers seeing that I cannot reach something on the top shelf offer to get if for me. Countless times when I am about to lift a 22-pound box of cat litter, another shopper will come quickly and say, “Let me do that for you!” The Wal-mart employee, finished for the day and heading to her car stops to offer her help putting the heavy items in my car, but ends up putting all of my purchases in.

2. At Russells Point Dollar General — Nearly every time I go there shoppers and/or employees open and hold the doors for me going in and coming out with my cart. Fathers and mothers are not only helping others in need, but are instructing and setting examples for their children.

3. Lakeview — Community Markets as well as Kroger of Bellefontaine, managers and/or employees offering to take groceries to the car (especially in bad weather).

I am sure this is happening at other places in our communities. I salute and thank all of these “unsung heroes” in our midst. International acts of caring may seem small when looked at one at a time, but the cumulative effect can have such positive consequences for us all. I pray that we all keep looking for small moments when we can help one another.

This area of our country has been called “The Heart of America.” This is a very appropriate title, because daily the hearts of our people can be seen through their “international acts of caring.”

Barbara Rausch

Huntsville/Indian Lake