Domestic violence happens here

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is our goal at the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office to work toward providing services for both the victim and the offender, to help them heal, and to prevent the domestic violence cycle from continuing or escalating.

Domestic violence does not occur to one economic group; to only those with a particular education level; to only those who live in a particular location; to only those who are women; to only those of a particular ethnic background; or to only those of a particular age. Domestic violence is not selective.

You may have neighbors, or friends or family members who are victims, as these crimes typically are hidden behind closed doors.

There are significant services available in the county if you or someone you know is a victim, or a perpetrator, of domestic violence.

New Directions provides counseling services for victims. It also provides legal advocacy should a victim decide to seek a civil protection order.

If children are involved, Logan County Children’s Services can arrange services for the family.

Consolidated Care can provide an abuser a Batterer’s Intervention Program and anger management counseling, as well as alcohol and drug assessment and treatment.

Soteria House provides a 24-hour crisis line, and  should a victim need a place to stay, it also can provide room and board for the victim and children.

For immediate law enforcement assistance, the Logan County Sheriff’s Office and the local police departments are always available.

Our office and the Bellefontaine City Prosecutor’s Office provide victim advocates to share information and provide resources to those victims who are going through the court system, as well as information about crime victim compensation to reimburse the victim for expenses and lost wages caused by the crime.

But when an abuser refuses to accept responsibility and seek assistance, the prosecutors in this community are dedicated to taking domestic violence cases to trial.

It is fitting that one such jury trial was held this month. Like many domestic violence situations, this one occurred and escalated over time. It was not the result of a single incident.

It began with throwing things and slapping. The relationship grew to threats of her getting beat up to threats of her being killed. One incident involved kicking the victim out of the car, dragging her across a country road, injuring her and leaving her alone in the cold to seek help from a stranger at the nearest available house.

Yet another incident involved a strangulation, which she survived, where but for a few extra seconds or a few extra pounds of pressure upon her neck, she would not have.

And like many domestic violence situations, there was not violence all the time. He said he loved her; they would ultimately be a happy family; and they would have children together, if only she wouldn’t cooperate with law enforcement and the court system.

He sweet-talked her when he could to control her and achieve his goals, and then threatened or inflicted violence when he found that was what was needed to manipulate her.

And like many domestic violence victims, she left when she was scared only to reconcile when he was nice to her. According to the National Domestic Hotline, on average, a victim leaves seven times before leaving for good.

While we cannot say we are “pleased,” we can say with certainty that we are satisfied that in this case, jurors in our county found this batterer guilty of domestic violence, abduction, disrupting public services and menacing by stalking.

domestic violence

There is help, both for survivors and for abusers. Reach out to a friend.

Reach out to local county services.

We are here and we care.

Local resources include:

• New Directions, (937) 593-5777;

• Consolidated Care, (937) 599-1975;

• Soteria House, (877) 394-1046;

• Logan County Children’s Services, (937) 599-7290;

• Bellefontaine City Prosecutor’s Victim Advocate, (937) 599-1205; and

• Logan County Prosecutor’s Victim Advocate (937) 292-4111.