Dam proposals to reduce Ohio flooding not popular with all

SHELBY, Ohio (AP) — Proposals to use dams to reduce flooding along the branch of an Ohio river aren't universally popular.

The Black Fork, a branch of the Mohican River, has frequently flooded around Shelby, with recent events in 2007, 2011 and 2013.

The 2007 flood destroyed 51 businesses and homes and flooded many farm fields.

The Mansfield News Journal reports (http://ohne.ws/2qNkuPd ) that three proposals to address flooding all include five or six dams at costs ranging from $45 million to $68 million.

Joe Gies, Shelby projects coordinator, says the dams would be located to slow water before it gets to Shelby, about 74 miles (119 kilometers) north of Columbus.

Farmers fear dams upriver from Shelby would delay plantings by temporarily making fields too wet.