Friday kicks off inaugurals for new Ohio officeholders

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The swearing-in of Ohio's next state treasurer kicks off a long weekend of inaugural events for new statewide officeholders.

All five of the state's executive offices opened up this year as a result of term limits. Republicans maintained control of all five.

State Rep. Robert Sprague (sprag) has the first inaugural of the group, a swearing-in in Findlay Friday evening. He replaces Republican Josh Mandel (man-DEHL').

State Sen. Frank LaRose is sworn in as secretary of state at noon Saturday in Akron. State Rep. Keith Faber (FAY'-bur) takes his oath as Ohio's next auditor that same day in Celina (suh-LEYE'-nuh). They succeed Republicans Jon Husted (HYOO'-sted) and Dave Yost, respectively.

Yost and Husted are sworn in Monday as attorney general and lieutenant governor, respectively, as is Gov.-elect Mike DeWine.