BLES teachers awarded 2 CenturyLink grants

Representatives of the CenturyLink Clarke M. Williams Foundation made a recent surprise visit to Benjamin Logan Elementary School to present two $5,000 grant awards to teachers Barb Kuck and Gretchen Powell.

Kuck Powell


In Ms. Kuck’s third-grade classroom, the grant will fund the purchase of Swivl C5 with an iPad Pro, a Microsoft Surface Pro for project-based learning, and an ISM-02 Pass Around Microphone Kit

The Swivl C5 is a robot that is designed to track, and with the video capture abilities of the iPad Pro, record videos of a moving person. This tool will enable the class to capture video data of student presentations or discussions during math class. The teacher also will create math videos to be posted online and viewed by students prior to a lesson.

The Microsoft Surface Pro will enable students to complete a variety of real-world projects, such as designing a garden. With this technological tool, they will design the space and layout of the garden as they learn the concepts of area and perimeter. 

Finally, the third-grade grant will fund an ISM-02 Pass Around Microphone Kit, which consists of five microphones that will be placed at the workstations in the room. The microphones will enhance student voices for presentations and also aid in boosting student confidence during presentations. 

In Mrs. Powell’s fourth-grade classroom, the grant will fund Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, motion detectors that connect to the tablets and Bristlebot kits.   

The students will be able to connect the motion detectors to the tablets and will be challenged to think and create with their hands as they build their own Bristlebots.

After creating mazes, arenas and tracks, fourth-graders will use the motion detector to collect data from their Bristlebots. The data will be transferred into graph form for further analysis.