Board of DD clients begin acts of kindness project

Individuals with the Logan County Board of Developmental Disabilities are starting a project to spread a little cheer to neighbors and new friends who may be hurting on the inside.

DDactsofkindsness 1

Vicki Candelero, Kelli Bader, Mike Frazier and Lisa Davidson deliver gifts to Indian Lake Elementary School.

Several individuals from RTC Services and Friends of Leroy Brown Day Habilitation will be performing random acts of kindness at least once a month, explained LCBDD Community First Coordinator Kelli Bader.

Teams started Tuesday by delivering gifts of balloons and candy to several local schools, hoping to help young people who may be struggling socially or just needing some encouragement.

“A lot of individuals with developmental disabilities have been bullied or mistreated, made to feel bad about themselves at some point in life,” Bader said. “But they typically have the ability to move past that and keep smiling. Just to help somebody feel special — feel worth it — we want to be able to do that regularly.”

DDactsofkindsness 2

Matt Wildermuth delivers goodies to Ohio Hi Point Career Center.

Mike Frazier and Vicki Candelero, along with Bader and Lisa Davidson from RTC Services, presented their goodies to Indian Lake Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Guidance counselors passed the gifts to students needing some extra support. 

In addition, Matt Wildermuth made deliveries to Bellefontaine High School and Intermediate School, along with his alma mater, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center. Finally, Kate Hemphill and provider Emily Wulf made deliveries to several Bellefontaine area businesses and the Green Hills Community.

DDactsofkindsness 3

Kate Hemphill delivers gifts to Rebecca Marker-Smith at Green Hills.

The YMCA’s national “Love A Human Day” event April 3 inspired this idea, and Bader related that the goal is to let others know that someone cares month after month. 

“You just never know when someone else is hurting. We’d like to ease that pain a little,” she said.