Slipping and sliding through school

Discovery Center shaving cream

Volunteers and Discovery Center preschool students enjoy a favorite annual activity — shaving cream ice skating — this week at the 1973 W. State Route 47 school. To prepare for the skating party, staff members cover the padded gym floor with a tarp and spread water and shaving cream all around to create a slippery surface and a “super sensory experience,” representatives said. Indian Lake High School Key Club member Christina Bowen attended Discovery Center as a child and volunteered to assist with the skating this year. She said helping out now is even more exciting than it was when she was young. “I can play with the kids and see how much fun they are having. I also got to see some of my teachers, so it’s been a blast.” Several volunteers from various student organizations from area schools helped Discovery Center students who wanted to play it safe by walking around the perimeter of the rink, while others swung the children around or helped youngsters scoot across the floor. (PHOTO | LOGAN COUNTY BOARD OF DD)

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