Laker Zone Awards presented


Nearly 150 Indian Lake Elementary students were recognized for perfect attendance in the third grading period during a special assembly. 

Third-grader Jackson Young and first grader Jocelyn Messer were picked as the lucky winners of bicycles to honor their commitment to being at school.
Indian Lake Elementary staff also awarded Laker Zone T-shirts to dozens of students. Those receiving T-shirts included: kindergartners Grace Johnson, Aiden Smith, Lilly Lazo, Brynna Avila, Tori Irish, Peyton True and Tyler Tidwell; first-graders Noah McCoy, Joe Cummins, Kadin Howard, Janelle Messer, Riley Shaner, Evan Wagoner, Evie Wagner and Aleah Lowe; second-graders Jayden Martin, Elissa Bump, Kahne Ferguson, Lindsey Thompson, McKenzie Dixon, Kylie Adams and Logan Gammell; third-graders Chase McMillen, Morgan Dague, Savannah Hill, Isaac Meyers, Massie Romanowski, Devin Charles, and Robbie Ferguson; fourth-graders Lauren Barhorst, Isabella Fauley, Paige Mefford, Austin Davis, Destiny Crumley, Marah Reames, and Gary Mackell; and students honored for good behavior on the school bus: Rylynn Matthews, Stephanie Altstaetter, Harley Griffith, Trey Barnes, Autumn Miller, Grayce Evans, Lucy Buscher, Emily Beech, Summer Korn, Evie Peterman and Christian Smith-Dearwester. 
The Laker Zone is a long-time grant program that encourages students to help others, resist bullying and be hard workers in the classroom. (PHOTOS SUBMITTED)