Laker prom royalty


Indian Lake prom


Indian Lake High School seniors chose Logan Jakeway, left, and Tiana Hughes as their 2019 prom king and queen, respectively. The pair was crowned in front of hundreds of students during the dance Saturday in the Indian Lake High School Auxiliary Gym. Logan is a son of Shawn and Kristy Jakeway of Lakeview. Tiana is a daughter of Troy Hughes and Lisa Hughes of Huntsville. Prom theme was “A Night Under the Stars.” (PHOTO | INDIAN LAKE SCHOOLS)



Tiger prom royalty

West Liberty-Salem High School crowned Hunter Smith and Kaylee Harrison as prom king and queen, respectively, during festivities Saturday evening. In addition, Michael Farquharson was selected as the prom prince and Savannah Weaver as princess. (PHOTO | WEST LIBERTY-SALEM SCHOOLS)