BMS students attend new Model United Nations conference

BMSmodelUN 1


Students from the Bellefontaine Middle School attended the Cleveland Council of World Affairs 2018-19 Model United Nations conference at John Carroll University in Cleveland Jan. 8 and 9.

Even though BMS has participated in Model United Nations before, this was a new format and style for the BMS students. Nine students were selected to participate in this program as a trial for the future of Model United Nations, and they were: Montanna Buck, Alexis Buffkin, Jordan Butler, McKenzie Flora, Zach Horvath, Julia Nelson, Mason Stanley, Seth Taylor, and Olivia Ullom. 

BMSmodelUN 2

These students represented the countries of France, Slovenia, Somalia, Spain, Turkey, and Uganda to a variety of international committees of the United Nations. The committees discussed a variety of topics from the Crimean dispute to security in refugee camps. 

Model United Nations is an academic program where students develop an understanding of international problems and work together with other students to creatively create, evaluate, and debate solutions to these problems.

To prepare, each student, or pair of students, researched their country and the topics of their committee. While at the conference, they represented their country's actions and positions in regard to the topic. The delegates debated with peers representing other countries, and joined together to collaboratively write a resolution to solve the problem. 

Finally, the students debated and passed resolutions, which will be sent to the office of the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.