An energizing exercise at ILES


Indian Lake Elementary School fourth-grader Hailey Prater closes a circuit of several students, lighting up an energy stick with COSI educator Bobby Petricini during a recent COSI on Wheels’ energy presentation at the school. Petricini explained that energy is in everything. “Especially in this day and age with so much technology, batteries, circuit boards ... all that’s becoming more tangible to kids at younger ages. It’s good to let them know that all that stuff they like to use, uses energy.” Also during the presentation, fourth-grader Ethan Whitt got to let off a slingshot to release the energy in his muscles and the rubber bands. After the presentation, students were able to visit several stations with hands-on activities showcasing different types of energy including friction, conductors and insulators, magnetic, gravity, vibrations, contact forces, bright ideas and more. The ILES COSI on Wheels visit is paid for by money earned through magazine sales. (PHOTO | INDIAN LAKE SCHOOLS)