JDC gets high marks in state review

A recent state review of the Logan County Juvenile Detention Center found just one area of non-compliance that was quickly corrected and required no further action.


“We had just one blemish this year,” said Logan County Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Fitzpatrick, who oversees the JDC and Logan County Jail operations.

“Not perfect as in years past, but still very impressive. This truly is a credit to Sgt. Melisa Davis and the staff.

“She runs an efficient operation and runs it extremely well. The staff also are caring of not only their job to operate the facility but of the youth detained.

“I have joked that everyone who works there very quickly becomes somewhat of a social worker whether they realize it or not.”

Ohio Department of Youth Services inspectors were at the 104 S. Madriver St. facility in April to observe and review records.

A detained 17-year-old boy who had been there for two weeks and was in the midst of his fourth stay at JDC was interviewed along with a 16-year-old girl who had been at JDC for a week. It was her sixth detention stay.

DYS looks at the JDC administration; fiscal management; personnel; training and staff development; record keeping; condition of the facility; safety and emergency procedures; security and control; hygiene; food service; healthcare; and juvenile rights.

The sole blemish came under security and control. DYS reported detainees did not have direct supervision in the same area.

Sgt. Davie issued a memo and direct supervision with in-person interaction began immediately, DYS reports.