Aging population, drug abuse among top issues facing Logan County

2018 Community Needs Assessment available for review

community assessment

Drug abuse and and an aging population are the number one health issues facing Logan County, according to the results of a community survey that is being released today.

The 2018 Logan County Community Needs Assessment measured the responses of 1,313 respondents and sought input from various focus groups and key informants.

Results of the study, conducted by Epiphany Community Services, are presented in a 333-page draft document that is now available for public comment and input.

The intent of the document is “to better understand the scope of challenges facing the residents of Logan County and to fulfill requirements of various regulatory agencies that oversee health and social service entities in the community,” according to the executive summary.

It is the third time the survey has been conducted, with previous survey results being released in 2012 and 2015.

Agencies that support the assessment include Mary Rutan Hospital and the Mary Rutan Foundation, the Logan County Health District, United Way of Logan County, Community Health and Wellness Partners of Logan County and the MHDAS Board of Logan and Champaign Counties.

Overall, Logan County appears to be a healthy and engaged community but there are challenges, according to the report.

“In general, Logan County is a healthy community with a strong understanding of its problems; county residents feel able to address issues. Residents view Logan County as a good place to live and are willing to invest the time and talents in the community. The results of this assessment indicated an engaged community with a great deal of pride in its successes.”

But the report continues on to list the challenges.

“The population is not growing and the population is aging. This aging population will present challenges to Logan County policymakers and programs, such as Social Security and Medicare. It will also affect families, businesses and health care providers.

community needs

“In terms of community issues, one of the biggest findings is the percentage of respondents indicating drug abuse as a big issue and the need for alcohol/drug abuse programs.”

More than 85 percent of respondents considered drug abuse a major problem affecting the local community.

Another area of concern is obesity, with almost 44 percent of respondents considering adult obesity a big problem and 28 percent rating childhood obesity as a major problem.

Nearly 30 percent of respondents also rated mental health issues, domestic violence and child abuse as significant areas of concern.

The report also addresses a number of social issues, including the lack of affordable housing for young families and older residents alike. Challenges in the areas of access to educational opportunities, financial literacy and. public transportation Preliminary findings are available for review online or at several public locations.

The full data report is posted on the following websites where links will be available to comment with information to be considered:

• Logan County Health District —

• Logan County —

• Mary Rutan Hospital —

• Mental Health Drug & Alcohol Services Board of Logan & Champaign Counties —

• Community Health and Wellness Partners —

• United Way of Logan County —

A hard copy of this document is available to view at the Logan County Health District, 310 S. Main St.; Mary Rutan Hospital, 205 Palmer Ave.; Mental Health Drug and Alcohol Services Board of Logan and Champaign Counties, 1521 N. Detroit St., West Liberty; Community Health and Wellness Partners, 4879 S. U.S. Route 68, West Liberty; and the Logan County United Way, 130 S Main St., Suite 109, Bellefontaine

There is a Community Call to Action meeting from 8 a.m. to noon Wednesday, July 18, at the St. Patrick Catholic Church, Makley Hall, 316 E. Patterson Ave, Bellefontaine. Anyone who would like to participate in this meeting should contact Christie Barns at Mary Rutan Hospital at (937) 599-7005.