Community outreach

sheriff outreach 2

Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy Cole Piatt, front, and Corrections Officer Brandt Fields paint faces Thursday during the the sheriff’s office’s first of six outreach events. In addition to meeting sheriff’s staff in a friendly enviroment, the event at Chippewa Park on the north side of Indian Lake included hot dogs and chips, cornhole and Frisbee and hugs by Corrections Officer Billy Simpkins who donned the Safety Pup outfit for the afternoon. “This allows us to have a positive contact with the community and kids,” Sheriff Randy Dodds said. “Many times when we deal with young people it is in cus- tody cases and we want them to see that we are human beings. This is the fun part of our jobs.” The staff plans to visit other communities throughout Logan County as the summer progresses. EXAMINER PHOTO | REUBEN MEES