Land trust, school science club join forces for projects

The Logan County Land Trust partnered with the Benjamin Logan Environmental Science Club on three projects this spring to improve the local environment.

Tree Planting 3

Members of Benjamin Logan’s Environmental Science Club planted trees in Hall-Fawcett Memorial Park in Zanesfield and created a pollinator plot at the schools through a collaboration with the Logan County Land Trust. (PHOTOS | LOGAN COUNTY LAND TRUST)

Participants joined Bob Stoll of the land trust and were greeted by snow squalls April 16 when they convened at Hall-Fawcett Memorial Park in Zanesfield where students removed invasive Japanese honeysuckle along Mad River.

Students learned the invasive honeysuckle is the first plant to leaf out in the spring and the last plant to die back in the fall. Once students identified a shrub, it was cut, leaving a small stump which was then painted with herbicide specifically designed to be used near waterways.

The cut plants were then piled together out of the way of the main pathways of the park.

The group returned to the park May 1 where they planted native trees and learned proper planting techniques and benefits of such plantings from Ed Kapraly of Riverside Native Trees in Delaware, Ohio.

An auger donated by Troyer Engine Repair in Belle Center was used to dig holes for the seedlings, which were donated by the land trust and an anonymous donor, along with shelters to protect the seedlings from animal damage.

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