Operation Torch inspires WWII survivors

Wartime recollections of one World War II survivor are the backdrop for a new fictional novel examining terrorism, rooted in historical events with a Christian message.


Patti Verin, left, and her husband Dan, an Algerian Frenchman who now lives in West Liberty, pose with their newly authored book, The Torch. (EXAMINER PHOTO | NATE SMITH)

Dan and Patti Verin of West Liberty, co-authored The Torch, which they say offers an “original view of the little-known 1942 Operation Torch, in North Africa, and its relation to the waves of terrorism up to 9/11.”

Mr. Verin can speak firsthand on the subject.

The Algerian-born Frenchman was nine years old in Oran, Algeria, in 1942, during World War II. Residents there had food, clothing and housing confiscated by the French State government and redirected to German Nazi troops marching across that territory of northern Africa.

“France was not going to surrender its control over Algeria, even though America and (President Franklin) Roosevelt were opposing colonialism, and to consolidate control of the country, it starved and massacred its citizens under heavy censorship,” the author explains.

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