Walking for Wigs honors Maier

An area resident who is fighting stage four renal cell carcinoma was the guest of honor, alongside his family, during Bellefontaine Intermediate School’s fourth annual “Walking for Wigs” fundraiser May 18 for the Logan County Cancer Society.

Walking for Wigs

Bellefontaine Intermediate School students and staff walk laps for the school’s fourth annual “Walking for Wigs” fundraiser for the Logan County Cancer Society, which this year honored Scott Maier, pictured holding the sign at the center alongside his family. (PHOTO | BELLEFONTAINE SCHOOLS)

While walking laps with students and giving out hugs, honoree Scott Maier said, “This will forever be in my heart.”

Joining Maier at the event was his wife, Shannon, and their daughter Brooke (Justin) Williams and her son Beckham; and daughter Bailey (Chris) Williams and her son, Montgomery, along with family member Norman Stanley.

School representatives related that Maier started with sutent treatment for this type of cancer that starts in the lining of the small tubes in the kidneys.

He has since decided to seek out alternative medicine and methods to fight the disease.

“Here at the BIS, we want to wish Scott Maier and his family a strong journey and want him to know his BIS family loves him,” school officials said.

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