Teen charged with felony theft


LoCoSheriffStar Dodds

Harley Cook, 16, of 3443 N. County Road 25, Bellefontaine, was charged with a felony count of theft related to a complaint that she used her grandfather’s bank account information to make a number of online purchases.

Deputies of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to her address about 2:35 p.m. Tuesday in reference to an unruly juvenile complaint.

Deputies spoke with her father, Michael, 53, who stated that he is his 82-year-old father Ralph Cook’s power of attorney. He said upon checking on his father’s finances recently, he found numerous charges containing Harley’s name.

Harley admitted to deputies that she used her grandfather’s bank account to make a number of online purchases and that she knew she did not have permission to make the purchases.

She also noted that an ex-boyfriend had somehow obtained her grandfather’s bank account information.

Deputies were provided with banking transcripts from the family, and they confirmed $665.72 in charges that Harley had made. She was charged with the felony count because the 82-year-old victim is in a protected class. The teen was lodged in the Logan County Juvenile Detention Center.

An additional $438.83 in bank charges are being investigated further, and deputies also will attempt to make contact with the exboyfriend named by Harley as being involved in the incident.

Burglary reported in Lakeview


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