City administration considering adding parking spots around downtown fountain

City administrators are considering a proposal to add parking spots on each side of the fountain in front of the Logan County Courthouse.

The reconfiguration of the main entrance of the courthouse includes a concrete area for events along Columbus Avenue and eliminates the need for an area along Main Street for public activities, Mayor Ben Stahler said.

Adding parking along Main Street would help address concerns that there is inadequate parking downtown.

“These are critical spaces to patrons of the Holland Theatre when they have events, the coffee shops and restaurants and they are right outside the courthouse. This is the only spot in all of downtown with double wide sidewalks; so it is the perfect location.”

The plan calls for four angled-parking spaces north of the fountain and three south, City Engineer Tim Notestine reports. If city employees do most of the prep work and Shelly Co. paves it during the city’s regular 2018 paving program, the project could be completed for as little as $6,000, less a recently discovered cost to relocate a fire hydrant, the engineer said.

There are already more 600 parking spaces throughout downtown, but many are in lots behind buildings, which are not as desirable to some motorists, Mayor Stahler said.

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