Rotary plants 6 trees at Mary Rutan Park

On Earth Day, Bellefontaine Rotary Club members answered the call of Rotary International President Ian H.S. Riseley to make a difference for the environment.

Rotary Grove Tree Planting

From the left, Rotary member Ben Joseph, Parks Department Superintendent Kris Meyers, Rotary member Brad Hudson, Rotary President Sally Stolly and Rotary Immediate Past President Peter Stolly work Sunday to plant one of six oak trees at Rotary Grove in Mary Rutan Park. (PHOTO | BELLEFONTAINE ROTARY)

Several Rotarians gathered to plant six red oak trees in the new Bellefontaine Rotary Grove area of Rutan Park.

Bellefontaine Rotary Club President Sally Stolly said the effort was a collaboration with the Bellefontaine Parks Department, “As a club, we raised the money for the trees and sign by holding a 50/50 drawing every meeting for the past few months. We are proud of this contribution to an area of the park that needs beautification.”

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