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Ohio Hi-Point unveils new labs, programs to teach students autonomous technology

Ohio hi point smart tech 2

Ohio Hi-Point electronics engineering senior Jadzia Café, above, of Riverside Schools, demonstrates the school’s robot Nao, during a tour of the new Smart Technology Center while her classmate, Autumn Horton, below, of Benjamin Logan, discusses a robot that will stop operating when people come within a certain radius. (EXAMINER PHOTOS | REUBEN MEES)

Ohio Hi-Point Career Center seniors Jadzia Café and Autumn Horton said the school’s new smart technology and applied manufacturing labs are so impressive they almost wish they had another year in high school. Almost.

“I’m very jealous of everyone who gets to have a full year here,” said Horton, a Benjamin Logan student enrolled in the electronics engineering technology program. “As seniors we might have a month to use the lab before the end of the year.”

“I would definitely love to stick around, but I’m also ready to graduate,” said her classmate and Riverside student Jadzia Café, who is anxious to start a career as a radio broadcast engineer. “It’s very upto- date and really exciting. I’m jealous.”

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