Support staff to unionize; school safety measures added

BenjaminLogan Schools

A large group of support staff told the Benjamin Logan Board of Education at a Monday evening meeting they intend to unionize. The meeting also included official action on two school security measures. 

Brian Knurek, an executive with the Benjamin Logan Education Association, read a statement that said the teachers’ union has invited the school’s support staff, which includes cooks, bus drivers, secretaries and educational aides, to join the existing union.

It would create a “wall-to-wall union” in the school, union executive Marge Jenkins noted after the meeting.

A flyer submitted by the group said unionizing will allow the support staff “to have a voice at the decision-making table.” The one-page flyer also cites “respect” and “job security” as reasons for organizing.

The board did not take any action on the group’s request to be recognized as a union, and Superintendent Dave Harmon said after the meeting there is little the board has to do to in this phase.

“The first step in the process is posting their request for recognition,” the superintendent said. “Ultimately, there will be a vote by the prospective union members. It can be a very lengthy process.”

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