Tonight’s event to launch Logan County Bicentennial

LoCoBicentennial logo

The first major event of the Logan County Bicentennial will begin at 7 p.m. today at the Holland Theatre, 127 E. Columbus Ave.

The event will be an approximately hour-long presentation at the Holland Theatre, 127 E. Columbus Ave., featuring three dialogues presented by famous characters from the history of Logan County interspersed with musical performances and brief comments by dignitaries in attendance.

Logan County was officially formed by an act of the Ohio legislature on March 1, 2108. During the hourlong tribute to the past 200 years of local history and culture, guests will get to hear three short vignettes about Logan County’s history as well as a short number sung by a choir formed exclusively for the event.

The three vignettes feature dialogues between famous characters from the history of Logan County.

The cast consists of Margaret Piatt playing her great-great-grandmother, Elizabeth Piatt, and Bellefontaine Mayor Ben Stahler as historian, Civil War general and statesman, Robert Patterson Kennedy, during the 1880s.

Musician and entertainer Bob Lucas will portray humorist Kin Hubbard as he engages in an early 20th century conversation with the colorful Pickrelltown huckster (or peddler of wares) Ida Mae Hicks, portrayed by Hicks’ great-great-granddaughter, Cassie Hassell.

The final vignette will be a modern conversation between retired city schools educator and superintendent, Beth Harman, and former judge and patent attorney, Tom O’Connor.

The Bicentennial Choir will perform the song Magnify the Light by Carl Strommen, about mid-way through the program. The gospel style a capella song was chosen because the symbology reflects some of Logan County’s natural treasures, conductor Mike Kildow said.

Tonight’s festivities are free to attend.