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Signal to help traffic flow around MRH facility will go live Jan. 29

Traffic sig


A traffic signal at Main Street and Dowell Avenue will switch from flashing yellow to full red/yellow/green operation on Jan. 29. It was installed as part of Mary Rutan Hospital’s Health Center project. (EXAMINER PHOTO | JOEL E. MAST)





Motorists will need to abide with new traffic lights on Main Street and Dowell Avenue starting Jan. 29 when it goes from flashing to full red/yellow/green operation.

The current installation is temporary and will be upgraded to metal poles with masts to hold the lights once street improvements are finished at the intersection and along Dowell.

“This is a collaboration between the city and Mary Rutan Hospital,” said Bellefontaine Service-Safety Director James Holycross. “We’ve committed to handling the signal and the striping of new traffic lanes while they have committed to widening Dowell and adding sidewalks and curbs.”

MRH will take occupancy of its Health Center east of Main and north of Dowell on Jan. 31.

Chad Ross, vice president of operations, said the facility will start operations Feb. 12 with approximately 100 people working, 25 of whom will be new hires.

As MRH was planning for the new facility it conducted traffic studies and analyzed how to best get patients in and out of the facility, Ross said.

Vehicles can enter off Main and off Dowell, but the only exit will be off Dowell, he said. The traffic lights, road widening, removal of an embankment that impedes sight lines on Dowell and the addition of turn lanes should make it easier to exit the Health Center and turn onto Main.

Holycross said much of the road work will have to wait for warmer weather.


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