4 arrested at site of marijuana grow operation


RussellsPoint Police patch

Four individuals were arrested for various charges at 202 Grand Ave., Russells Point Thursday afternoon after officers of the Russells Point Police Department responded to the address to assist the Logan County Adult Parole Authority and found a marijuana growing operation.

Officers were dispatched to the residence about 1 p.m. in reference to a parole violation and drug activity.

Shortly after their arrival, a marijuana growing operation with a total of seven plants was found inside the home, along with marijuana and various pieces of drug paraphernalia.

Officers also found marijuana prepackaged for distribution.

Tenant Bradley Johnston, 33, took responsibility for the marijuana and grow operation. He was arrested for trafficking in marijuana and transported to the Logan County Jail without incident.

While conducting the investigation, officers reportedly found deplorable conditions inside the home, including piles of trash, animal feces on the floor, several litter boxes full of waste, rotting food, dirty dishes, torn up furniture and other debris. There were five dogs and numerous cats at the home.

Logan County Children’s Services were also called to the residence regarding four children at the home, an infant, two 2-year-old children and an 11-year old.

After an assessment of the conditions, the children were placed in protective custody and transferred to the care of a family member.

Residents Jennifer Barnett, 33, and Jamie Cook, 26, each was placed under arrest and charged with endangering children and drug abuse.

Resident Rusty Booker, 28, was also arrested for a parole violation.

The Logan County Dog Warden was contacted and Ms. Barnett voluntarily surrendered the dogs to him.